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Chick Families
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Emily and Charlie Robison

*How They Met & Proposal*
The two met when Charlie caught a Chicks show at Gruene Hall, a renowned Texas dance hall. He and Emily hooked up again at Fan Fair in Nashville,where, Charlie says, "we were both so nervous around each other that we drank so much that I think we didn't have any choice but to fall in love." Charlie was driving Emily to a vacation spot. He handed her the ring. She started crying and said yes (of course). Two days later they realized that Charlie never really asked in the traditional way. :)

*The Big Day*
On May 1, 1999, Emily Erwin married Texas singer/songwriter Charlie Robison at the 25,000-acre Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas. Natalie and Martie were both bridesmaids for Emily and Charlie 's brother, Bruce, was the best man. Some of their guests included: Bruce's wife Kelly Willis (also a very cool singer) and lots of Sony executive.

*Quotes and Comments*
* Emily Robison: Im a little scared about the next year, seeing how long were going to be on the road. But I wouldnt have married him unless I knew we had the capacity to work through this lifestyle. - on her first anniversary TV GUIDE
* I met Charlie and we were engaged after two months. It was one of those 'we just knew' things. - Emily interview
* There hasn't been a day that he hasn't told me how wonderful I am. - Emmie on Charlie from CMT's Uncut
*Charlie, is perfect. I knew the man I married would make me laugh.Charlie has funny bones, and we laugh all the time."
*"We are soulmates.  We're friends first, and we have a great time together.  And we have the same passions: making music, helping animals and protecting the environment."~Emily
*"Our marriage is the strongest thing in the world."~Charlie

*Little Known Facts*
* Emily and Charlie have a ranch down in Texas where they take care of all their animals...
* Charlie jokes that "Cowboy Take Me Away" should have been called, "Loser, Leave My Sister Alone"...
* At Emily and Charlie's wedding, Natalie met her man, Adrian Pasdar who's friends with Charlie...
* Charlie once saw someone checkin' out the Chicks' bus. He thought it was a robber so he went and tackled the guy and sat on him. The police came and instead arrested Charlie ...

Texas Two Step~More info about the wedding!

Emily and Charlie


Wedding: Cuttin the Cake!

Wedding Day!

The family at the TOP OF THE WORLD concert

em and charlie

Emily and Charlie at the Ranch!

Emily and Charlie at their Ranch

Adrian and Charlie laughing at the Chicks on stage

Emily and Charlie

Emily and Charlie Robison

Emily and Charlie

Natalie, Emily and Martie


Their Ranch in Texas

Bruce and Kelly

Emily and Charlie