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Chick Families
Beckett Finn
Natalie Maines and Adrian Pasdar
Jackson Slade
Beckett Finn
Martie and Gareth Maguire
Eva Ruth & Kathleen Emilie
Charles Augustus
Julianna and Henry
Emily and Charlie Robison


Natalie, hubby Adrian Pasdar and big brother Slade, age 3, are proud to announce the latest addition to their family. Beckett Finn Pasdar arrived on July 14th, weighing 7lbs, 7oz. Mother and baby are doing fine.-July 22, 2004 

Natalie and Adrian have chosen Beckett Finn as their upcoming baby's name. Natalie told the fans at a June chat at the official site, that Adrian likes the author Samuel Beckett and picked the last name for the first and she always seemed to like the name Finn.-June 13, 2004

"Well, it must be contagious, or maybe its just the fact that were off the road and back with the hubbies, but yes, Natalie is pregnant! Dont believe any rumors that it is John Ashcrofts lovechild; they simply are not true. Adrian and Nat are ecstatic about the news and Slade is preparing to become a big brother. Can you imagine the next tour for us? Five kids (or more) back stage? Oh, the THOUGHT is just exhausting. But, as they say, it takes a village, right?"
-Jan 29, 2004


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