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Jackson Slade
Natalie Maines and Adrian Pasdar
Jackson Slade
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[July 22, 2004] Slade now 3 yrs old has a little brother! Beckett Finn was born July 14th.
[August 21st, 2003]Slade (2 1/2 yrs.) is a little ham and talks a mile a minute, but baseball is his passion. (More on that in a minute) Slade and Gus see more action on tour than the rest of us combined. While were in the bowels of the arenas sound checking, working out, having meetings, doing interviews, and getting ready for the show,the normal stuff, they are out on adventures in whatever city we happen to be in.
Gus and Slade had front row seats to Dora The Explorer in Phoenix (swiper no swiping, swiper no swiping!) And they danced and sang the whole time. We mommies are huge fans of Dora too. We find ourselves singing all the songs annoying Martie who has yet to discover the wonders of this clever girl and her adventures. Shell know soon enough.
When the weather was good enough wed drop everything and head out with the kiddos to local zoos and aquariums, but baseball games were the mainstay of this tour. The Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees, L.A. Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, and the New York Mets were all nice enough to set us up with a box where wed scarf hotdogs, meet the mascots and root on the local team.
As mentioned before, Slade is obsessed with baseball and is now throwing a dead-on-target fastball with help from Atlanta Braves pitcher, Russ Ortiz, who came to the show and made his way back to meet Slade and work on his pitching game. Next up, the gang went to Six Flags where Slade conquered the Midway, breaking all the plates with the baseball and winning 7 huge stuffed animals. We might have a major leaguer on our hands!
"The young jock doesnt like typical kid stuff on TV. Weve tried to get him to watch cartoons, confesses Natalie, but the only thing hell watch is ESPN. Hes fascinated with sports and balls of all kinds. "So who does Slade most look like -- Natalie or Adrian? "Me," she proclaims. "Hes a blondie!" And who does he most act like? "Adrian and I are both high-energy people and were both performers. Slades a high-energy show-off who loves to be the center of attention! Slade definitely takes after his musical mom. He bops to music and dances really funny," declares Natalie. "Hes very musical."
In the song The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round, she adds with a motherly smile, "theres a verse where the bus driver says, Move on back, move on back. When Slade hears that, he motions move on back by pointing his thumb over his shoulder."
[March 16, 2001]Dixie Chicks' lead singer Natalie Maines and husband Adrian Pasdar welcomed the birth of their son, Jackson Slade Pasdar,at 9:57am (March 15, 2001) in Austin, TX. Little Slade weighed in at 6 pounds even and 20 inches long. According to Dixie Chick Emily Robison, "He has sandy blond hair and Natalie's nose." Mom and baby are doing great. Said Robison, "She made us very jealous. It was a very easy and fast delivery."

Natalie uses Slade as jewelery

Natalie in one of the venues "toy rooms"


Slade and Gus

My favorite pic of them!



Slade putting on Natalie's makeup

Baseball with mom

Slade and Tina (Natalie's mom)


Natalie and Slade

From People Magazine

Adrian & Slade

Slade at the TODAY show

Slade and Gus


Nat and Slade


Slade and Adrian


About the Name:
Natalie and hubby Adrian Pasdar plan on calling the child Jack Slade, which she says is a "tough name" that should keep the kid from getting pushed around on the playground!

Slade and Caleb