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The Chicks
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The Chicks
Natalie Maines
Martie Maguire
Emily Robison
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Real Facts

"Texans? Oh yeah. Maines got it going with five "y'alls" in her first greeting to the crowd."

martie, natalie and emily

Emily: Dobro, banjo, guitar, low harmony vocals

Natalie: Vocals, acoustic and bass gutiar

Martie: Fiddle, mandolin, high harmony vocals

"I love the Dixie Chicks! I think they make fantastic records. Their vocal sound is just wonderfull!"~Dolly Parton
"Their music immediately sucks you in and you wanna turn up the radio. You wanna hear what they've got to say."~Jamie O'Neal
"They've got it all, the personality, the grit. I think they pretty much got it all."~Shania Twain
"I'm really excited about what they're doing. They're playing their instruments, and they're playing very well." - Earl Scruggs"
""I think that they're really talented and they're definitely some really smart kids." - Lorrie Morgan"
"They play the hell outta their instruments. That's just the sexiest thing when a girl just kicks ass at her instrument."~Goo Goo Dolls
"Just crazy talented."~Melissa Etheridge
"Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Dixie Chicks." ~Tim McGraw
"I have been the world's biggest Dixie Chicks fan ever since I first saw them." - Buck Owens" 

"I think they got definitely the most unique sound on radio right now which is probably no doubt gotta be the reason they're selling so good" - John Michael Montgomery

"I like the Chicks."~Lenny Kravitz

"The most recent ones that we all should be very, very thankful that we have are the Dixie Chicks. They have kept it country. They have kept it traditional and they have done it their way, but in some way, they're very cool, so the kids love them, and the older people love them as well, like me. It's nice to hear that sound on the radio." ~Garth Brooks

The Dixie Chicks are extremly talented women...not just because they are
friends of mine or because Natalie's dad Lloyd is my producer...they are
just good....there live shows knock me out.....Emily is a real pro at
Guitar,banjo and dobro...not just one but three Martie
kicks *** on the fiddle...thats all I have to say about that. Natalies voice is it..... range, power, diversity..she is the singers singer...I'm proud to say she sang some songs on my first two records...."Dancehall Dreamer", "Snowing on Raton", "John Wayne and Jesus"...Hats off to the chicks.~Pat Green

Love, Love, Love the Dixie Chicks.~Sheryl Crow

"The Dixie Chicks are my favorite females. They have fun while being great at what they do and that comes across."~Lee Ann Womack

"God-Bless the Dixie Chicks"~Pat Green
"I like their new one...long gone..yeah thats it."~Willie Nelson
"I'll be buying Dixie Chicks albums till I'm in a walker." ~Sheryl Crow
"They're so dynamic," . "I wouldn't be surprised if they win it several years."~Shania Twain on the Chicks winning CMA's Entertainer of the Year
The members of Cross Canadian Ragweed were asked to name a popular contemporary country artist they like. He pauses again, as do Ragsdale and Cross. They are honestly trying to think of someone, but it takes a while they finally mention the Dixie Chicks.
"I believe the Dixie Chicks represent the best of what country music has to offer." ~Trisha Yearwood
"Those Chicks have fun when they do a song."~Billy Gilman
"They brought eery thing to the table. They have the visual aspect but they also have the music."~Trisha Yearwood

"We love the Dixie Chicks. We'd love to do a song with them, we think our harmonies would sound great."~Rascal Flatts
"That little Natalie Maines is just a fiesty little thing!"~Dolly Parton
A landslide video! I love that!
Emily looks so beautiful, Martie is stunning, they just look so pretty. I love them, I am a diehard Dixie Chicks fan.~JoDee Messina
I am sure by now you have all heard that I am going on the road with the three coolest chicks around. I am very excited. The Dixie Chicks!!~Michelle Branch
"I went to one of their shows and you shoulda seen the girls and the people that are there to listen to country music and they've opened doors to listners to convert." ~Cyndi Thompson
"The Dixie Chicks, thats real stuff. That's real music, that's real talent."~Marty Stuart
"Three cute girls who can play like that. Why not attend a concert?"~Kevin Costner on Jay Leno
"You Were Mine" is one of the best songs ever written~Sheryl Crow
"I hear that all the time and I consider it a big compliment! I am a long time fan of The Chicks!"~Miranda Lambert on hearing her singing voice sounds like Natalie Maines