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Real Facts
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Real Facts

One time when the Chicks were signing autographs, this "really dorky guy" came up to their table to get an autograph, and since Martie was the last one to sign, she put Natalie's phone number on there...her real one. And a few days later, the phone rang at Natalie's house. Wonder who that could've been??

What was the most memorable Valentine ever for Martie? "How about the one I never received," answers Martie. "The first year I dated my husband, I didn't get squat- not even a card. I've never let him forget it."

"Shake Your Booty" was the first song Natalie learned to sing

Emily wanted to be in the Air Force Academy and even filled out applications until she realized her math and science grades weren't good enough. However, she's good at steering so she often drove the pink R.V.

Nat knows every word to the movie Grease

Emily fought Johnny Cash over a crab puff at a party

The Chicks got to throw out the first pitch(es) at the St. Louis Cardinals', where Mark McGwire slammed Nos. 67 and 68 out of the park. (The Chicks' three pitches went bouncing past the poor catcher.) Afterward, they got to meet Mark. What do you say to America's hottest sports star? "I had a dream about you last night!" Emily offered. Oh really? Emily told Mark she dreamed she was in a Taco Bell and Mark walked in and begged her to be his best friend. Mark laughed, asking what Emily had eaten the night before.

When the Chicks made an appearance on The Sally Jesse Raphael Show back in February, Emily ran into a little fashion crisis. She didn't have the right bra on so she had to "borrow" Sally's bra! Natalie said it was like 2 sizes too big for her, but she tried to wear it even months after the show! As Martie put it, "Emily walked off the show with it. She took it! We now own the 'Sally Jesse Raphael Bra'"!

Emily once got pulled over for an illegal U-Turn and when she tried to bribe the officer with a Dixie Chicks CD, he said, "That won't work on me young lady... I already have all three!"

How do the Dixie Chicks deal with constantly being together on the road ? They have a space in the back of the bus that they've designated the 'chilling room'. They're great friends though, so if they do get annoyed with one another, it's just because they've all
been together too long. Emily says, We can argue one second and the next second say, 'Hey, ya wanna go get something to eat?' and you're like, 'Yeah, sure. Let's go!'"

From just one listen of Wide Open Spaces, you can tell that Natalie has some pretty powerful pipes! Well, she says that her parents have an audio cassette of her being born and when she came out screaming, the Doctor said, 'It's a girl! Do you want me to put her back'!!

Natalie says that when she was little she would sing and dance on table tops for just about anybody!

The first night the Dixie Chicks performed on a street corner, Garth Brooks was doing a show in Lousiana. His premotor saw them on his way to a station and asked them to play. Martie had homework for a calculus test the next day, and said that since she was flunking, thank god she could sing and play the fiddle.

A Dixie Chicks fan asked the girls to sign his arm. Well, they did, and now he has their autographs permently tatooed on his arm! Now, there's a Chick fan for ya!

The Chicks recently traded in their pink RV, nicknamed the "Sneaker" (because, well, it smelled like a shoe) for a used red tour bus with an eagle on the back of it. Their new bus will have some of the things the Chicks "gathered" while on the road, like a disco ball they have hanging from the ceiling and a Tweety Bird magnet they have on the fridge.

The Chicks once drove from Dallas all the way to New York to try to get on the Letterman show. They performed in his lobby, until they were kicked out! The Chicks appeared on Dave's show July 18, 2000. :)

The Chicks did an ad jingle for McDonald's in 1991.

Before the Chicks signed with Monument, they had to do many duties for themselves. Like, Emily took care of the taxes, Martie was road manager, and Natalie filled in as office manager and accountant.

Emily and Martie describe Natalie as the most outgoing in terms of doing bizarre things. Emily describes herself as the peacekeeper, and she describes Martie as creative, sensitive, and passionate.

Natalie has a tattoo on her ankle of the world with the Latin word for peace on it.

Emily's fav late night snack is cereal. Martie could go for a double-decker taco from Taco Bell, and Natalie likes ice cream.

Of their looks, Natalie says: "It's so hard to look at yourself as this hot babe. And I'm going,'I am such a dork. I am so non-sexy.' So it's very strange to me."

Emily can do a mean moonwalk, and Natalie's not too bad at doing the running man.
The name of the Dixie Chicks first web page was
The opening acts on the Fly tour were Patty Griffin, Ricky Skaggs, Willie Nelson, Joe Ely, Vida, Maines Brothers.

Market and Corbin were the 2 streets that made up the corner where the Chicks started. - Laura Lynch on BTM2

The Chicks declined an endorsement deal with Coca-Cola in 2000 in support of the Screen Actors Guild strike.

On Rock & Roll Jeopardy, the three charities the Chicks played for were the World Wildlife Fund (Martie), VH1's Save The Music (Natalie), and National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Emily).
The Chicks manager, Simon Renshaw, appears in the video Goodbye Earl. He's in the hospital dancing in green scrubs.

Vince Gill offered Martie a job as fiddle player in his/her band in 1992.

Natalie's father, Lloyd Maines, holds the record for most appearances on Austin City Limits with 18. - Natalie Maines in audience recording

1. The Dixie Chicks recorded "Goodbye Earl"
2. "Goodbye Earl" was written by Dennis Linde
3. Dennis Linde wrote "I Got A Feeling In My Body"
4. "I Got A Feeling In My Body" was recorded by Elvis Presley
5. Elvis Presley recorded "Loving Arms"
6. "Loving Arms" was recorded by the Dixie Chicks
credit: Judy

Sheryl Crow calls "You Were Mine" one of the best songs ever written. - Sessions At W. 54th 
The Chicks have 19 tattoos on their feet.

Platinum and double-platinum faster than any debut album in the history of Sony/Nashville

Fastest selling debut album by a group in country music history

Only group in history of Sony Music Nashville to have two Top 10 pop albums

WOS hit 4 million on 1/27/99 - exact date album hit the stores in 1998

The Chicks have toured with George Strait, Clay Walker and Tim McGraw
Fly  spent the most weeks at the No. 1 spot for a group on Billboard's Country Albums Chart
Long Time Gone is the trio's fatest rising hit!
With only 3 days on the Most Wanted Live Countdown, Long Time Gone went to #1!
*In the delivery room, Natalie listened to Allison Krauss' CDs.
*The Chicks all got wrestle robes, with their wrestling names printed on the back. They're not PG. :)
*"HOME" hit the million mark 2 weeks after its release, Only Garth Brooks has had a faster selling country album.  
*Only Country group and the only female Country group to have two #1 debuts on the Billboard 200.
*"Home" has achieved the highest first week's sales, in the SoundScan era, of any album in Columbia Records history.

*"Home"  was the highest first week's sales for any female Country artist and any Country group

*Total record sales is over 26 million more than any other Country group or Female group in history for their first three studio releases.
*An Evening With The Dixie Chicks went gold, platinum, and double platinum! First ever video sales award for trio.
* The best-selling female group of all time, and one of the top 10-selling country acts of all time.
*Biggest one-day sale for tour in music history bringing in over $49 million (867,000 tickets) beating out acts like Madonna, Backstreet Boys and the Rolling Stones.

*"Landslide" was most played country song for 2003 according to Broadcast Data System's survey

*Home has achieved the highest first week's sales, in the SoundScan era, of any album in Columbia Records history.
*October 15, 2001
The Chicks are included in the newly released 2002 Edition of The Guinness World Records Book. The Dixie Chicks achieved the feat by having the all-time best selling country album by a group for Wide Open Spaces!
"When I read all the outrageous things people have done to make it into the book, I feel guilty that we did it by selling records," says lead singer Natalie Maines. "No one else had eleven million people help them like we did."
*If Dennis Franz couldn't be Earl, the Chicks wanted Dwight Yoakam to be.
*Cirque du Soleil's Luc Lafortune designed different settings for every song of the current Fly show.
*The Chicks raked in $39.8 million to rank fourth on the list of 10 musicians who made the most money in 2003
*On the 2006 tour the Chicks required a few things backstage including four bottles of "very, very good" red wine and one bottle of "very, very good" white wine after each show. Each night a "really fresh, really, really good Caesar salad without anchovies" is also to be made available. They specify Fiji brand drinking water and prefer organic skim milk and organic low-fat goats' milk.
Diet Dr Pepper, packet of Snickerdoodle cookies and three varieties of apples in their organic fruit basket -- braeburn, fuji and granny smith.
*In the early 1990's Natalie locked herself in her room listening to "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday" by Boyz II Men after her cat died. The Maines household was big on pets; whenever one died, it was a devastating, traumatic moment for everyone.
*The album name "FLY" was brought up by Martie after the original title, "Sin Wagon" freaked out the label.
*A third of the way through their 50-city, 2006 Accidents and Accusations concert tour, the Chicks announced partnership with Conservation International (CI) to offset the carbon footprint associated with the tour. The band chose to offset its emissions by donating an amount based on $10 per ton of carbon dioxide (CO2), with the money helping to protect 832,000 acres of the Makira tropical rain forest in Madagascar.
*Taking The Long Way has been America's #1 Top Country Album for five weeks running and was the nation's #1 Top Digital Album in 2006.
*The video for Not Ready To Make Nice set the record with 12 consecutive weeks in a row at the number on spot on the VH1 Top 20 Videos of the Week in 2006.