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Natalie Maines
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Natalie Maines
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That honky tonk voice whose seen it all but hasn't given
up on love.~Rolling Stone

"Emily and Martie had been in the band for a while and wanted to change but weren't sure how, and I came in like, "Whew! Y'all are awesome players, I can sing, we're going to pick great songs, they're going to love us!" It boosted their confidence and kept us all determined."

"Strong willed"~Emily 
"Entertaining and lots of enegry"~Martie

"Confident. . .sincere. . .passionate."

Birthdate: October 14, 1974 (Libra)
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Education: O.L. Slaton Junior High from 1989-90, Berkelee College
Previous Job: "Orlando's Italian Restaurant" Waitress
Hair Color: platinum blonde, worn short
Eye Color & Height: Blue / 5 ft. 3 in.
Family: mother, Tina; father, Lloyd; sister Kim
Can't Live Without: Her little labtop
Right or Left?: She's right handed
Husband: Adrian Pasdar (June 24, 2000)
Children: Jackson Slade Pasdar born March 15, 2001
Pets: bulldog named Ralph and Yellow Lab named Mabel
Person She Most Admires: Her dad.
Greatest Weakness: Sleeping
Most Embarassing Moment: "My top breaking on stage and my boob hanging out for a full song!"
Instruments: piano, guitar and electric guitar, bass (taking lessons)
First Teen Crush: Donny Osmand
First Album Ever Owned: Andy Gibb
Pet Peeve: People who chew gum (remember, no cavities)
Hobbies: reading, painting abstract portraits, decorating her Nashville home, watching movies, quilting, using her boogie board
Perfect Sunady:Sleeping late, waking up right on the beach, eating a late lunch, going to a movie and having sex - but not necessarily in that order. I like to have sex right when I wake up, too.
Greatest Extravagance: Travelling

Actor: John Travolta
Actress: Audrey Hepburn
Childhood Hero: Sandra Dee
Designers: Todd Oldham, Pamela Dennis, D&G
Dixie Chicks Song(s): "Sin Wagon", "Wide Open Spaces"
Fashion: likes to cover her shoulders, loves hair & make-up, avid shoe buyer
Food/Dish: Sushi or Mexican
Hang-Out: New York
Junk Food: Fruit Loops
Movie(s): Grease, Pulp Fiction, West Side Story, Breakfast at Tiffany's, 7 Years in Tibet, Dead Poet's Society, To Kill a Mockingbird
Piece of Clothing: tie-dyed, velvet Todd Oldham pyjamas
Singers: James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls, Maria McKee, Patty Griffin, Nat King Cole
T.V Show: Party of Five

Natalie started her singing career at the age three, and spent her summers in the studios, at family jam sessions and performing with her father. Her grandfather was also a musician. She spent her childhood watching her father's band play and began sitting in onstage when she was just a little kid. Growing up in a family like the Maines family, it's hard not to become musical. At the age of 4, she was discovered standing on a desk at the hospital where her mother worked, giving a note-perfect rendition of 'Greased Lightnin'. In school, she would say, "Oh, I don't wanna do this math and science. I'm gonna be a star."

And a star she wanted to be. Her start was on piano when she was 12 and she most recently has started bass guitar. In her 25 short years, Natalie has sung on several albums by well known Texas artists and won a vocal scholarship to Berkelee School of Music in Boston in 1994. When Martie and Emily called Natalie to ask her to be their lead singer, Natalie said she had a volleyball game that night and the next day a big Economic test. But about 4 days later, she checked out of college and started singing. Now when she's out on the road, she is addicted to the treadmill, to help her stay in shape.

* That Natalie has never had a cavity...
* That Natalie considered herself a flower child while in college and had a "world" and the Latin word for "Peace" tattooed on her ankle..
* That "Shake Your Booty" was the first song Natalie learned to sing...
* Natalie was a cheerleader in high school...
* When Natalie was a waitress, she never would sing the birthday songs at Orlando's..
* Natalie would like to be reincarnated as Mrs. John Travolta or a dolphin 
* Natalie was in a band in college; played 3 gigs then broke up
* Natalie used to love playing bingo..
* Natalie's first country autograph came from Naomi Judd..
* Natalie & Emily won 2nd place in a karoake contest at a bar in Roanoke, VA back in June 1998
* When she was younger she liked rock music.
* Too Far From Texas was sung live and done in only two days
*In the pre-Nat days, Natalie didn't want to hang out with Martie and Emily. "She was too cool to have dinner with us."
*While bowling during a break of the Top of the World Tour, Natalie had a score of 90. She has a very unique bowling style of two hands throwing the ball between her legs. 
*Natalie says she is "changing and learning new things". She is also "business minded."
*During the last Lilith Fair Concert, the Chicks were dressing everyone up. Natalie did Sheryl Crow's and Kelly Willis' makeup.
*Natalie's favorite rock bands were:Skid Row, Poison and Bon Jovi and Guns N' Roses.
She "melted" two microphones during the recording of the Fly album.
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