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Emily Robison
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Emily Robison
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"We want to inspire young people to pick up instruments -- it's such a fun thing to do and you can do for the rest of your life. As for the female aspect, we are, as instrumentalists, pretty much in a man's world. But we hope that there will be girls who'll want to pick up instruments like we did."

"Smart and Thoughtfull"~Martie
"Intellectual and Introverted"~Natalie


"Funny. . .very balanced. . .and the most forgiving person."

Birthday: August 16, 1972 (Leo) in Pittsfield, MA
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Previous Occupation: Hostess in a restaurant
Earlier Band: Blue Night Express
Education: Greenhill High School
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height & Shoe Size: 5 ft. 8 in. & size 10
Parents: Paul Erwin & Barbera Trask (step-dad Farrel)
Siblings: 2 older sisters, Julia and Martie
Husband: Charlie Robison (May 1, 1999)
Children:Charles Augustus Robison born November 11, 2002
Instruments: Dobro, Banjo, Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Accordion (got for x-mas)
Pets: 2 dogs, Buddy and Katie
Sports: played soccer and and softball in high school
Right or Left?: She's right handed
Childhood Crush: Rick Springfield
Pet Peeve: Bad drivers
Hobbies/Interests: Remodeling her house in San Antonio, go on spontaneous vacation-ettes
Most Embarassing Moment: "When my tube top came down on stage during a banjo solo - infront of 20 thousand people!"

Actor: Tommy Lee Jones

New Grass Revival On The Boulevard
Abba Gold-Greatest Hits
Shawn Colvin Fat City
Bela Fleck Drive
Emmylou Harris Roses In The Snow
Ricky Skaggs Bluegrass Rules
Patty Griffin Flaming Red
George Strait Greatest Hits
Charlie Robison Life Of The Party
Animal: Dolphin - graceful, strong and extremely smart
Dixie Chicks Song: "Cowboy Take Me Away"
Designers: Todd Oldham, Pamela Dennis, Calvin Klein, Prada
Food/Dish: Mexican - Guacomole
Fashion: Likes to wear long skirts
Influences: Bela Fleck, Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell, Jerry Douglass, Dolly Parton, Boston, Merle Haggard and Shawn Colvin
Instrument: Banjo
Midnight Snack: Cold cereal
Movie(s): Christmas Story, Dumb & Dumber, Color Purple, Giant, Mask
Performer(s): Faith Hill, Sheryl Crow, Jackson Brown
T.V Show: Ally McBeal
Emily began playing violin at age 7, then banjo at the age of 10, with dobro, mandolin and other acoustic instruments to follow. In school, Emily played in the orchestra, she and Martie was known as an "Orch Dork". Emily and Martie toured the country together in a teen's bluegrass group for six years before helping to found Dixie Chicks. Emily once tried out for "Hee Haw" so she can play her banjo, but she didn't get the part. When you're out on the road, you try to stay in shape in any way you can. Emily heads out in nature and runs, making sure no one sees her. :)

Emily learned to play the banjo by teaching herself the chord progessions by reading the books. A bunch of years later, look at her now! :)

As the Chick famed for picking tunes on banjo and Dobro, Emily says, "If I'm working out a new part on an instrument to play onstage that day, I always practice one time or three - never twice. I think it's bad luck."

Emily's 11th grade teacher:
"She was an excellent student," said Ms. Eagles. "She was truly gifted as a reader and writer. In class she was reflective; when she said something you could tell that she had thought carefully about it."

"She wanted to go the Air Force Academy," said Ms. Eagles, "But it was impossible to do both so she applied to Davidson (a college in North Carolina.) She had to turn in her final paper on Hamlet late because she was traveling; however, it was excellent. She wanted it to be good."


* That Emily is a regular Michael Jackson wannabe and can moonwalk forwards and backwards with a turn..
* That Emily wanted to be in The Air Force Academy and even filled out applications until she relized her math and science grades weren't good enough...
* She's good at steering so she drove the pink RV...
* Emily's teeth were on the cover of The New York Times...
* Emily fought over a crab puff at a party with Johnny Cash...
* Emily wrote the majority of You Were Mine, Martie wrote the bridge...
* Emily co-wrote "Please Be San Antone" on Jim Lauderdale's "Onward Through It All" album ...
* Emily's senior page says she was the "Queen Procrastinator." Former students recognized her as "famous"...
* Emily & Natalie won 2nd place in a karoake contest at a bar in Roanoke, VA back in June 1998...
* Emily once sang Country Road herself and said the experience was too frightening...
* In high school, Emily failed typing 3 times...
*Every Chick agrees Emily is the best driver.
*During a game of bowling on the TOP OF THE WORLD TOUR, Emily's score was 147. She beat the rest of the Chicks. "Emily has the ever popular Fred Flintstone tippy toe approach that seems to work for her. " Said the Chicks.